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The Art World Hang-out


Through the development of Brilliant Stages, we have seen a clear requirement from our customers for pushing the boundaries in the realisation of beautiful, striking, or downright crazy scenic creations. As an independent but aligned division of Brilliant Stages, Scenic Labs is an eclectic bunch of creative thinkers, artisans, craftsmen, talented artists and scenic professionals that can create a bunch of cool things.
In compliment to the systemised technology environment of Brilliant Stages, Scenic Labs puts more onus on creativity and on detailed focus on an elemental level. This means that smaller or more detailed scenic commissions can be handled individually by Scenic Labs, with the deftness and reactivity required.
In combination with the project power house of Brilliant, Scenic Labs are often an integrated part of producing the scenic detail to finalise a spectacular overall project.

2D & 3D Sculpture

The team at Scenic Labs are masters at producing sculptures for use in a multitude of scenarios. Working in multiple materials we are particularly well-known for creating over-sized pieces for the rock and roll industry.


We thrive on using our theatrical artistry to create the spectacular set designs whilst working carefully with a client budget. Keeping the tradition of a scenic workshop, and embracing those skills in combination with our investment in rental systems, means that we can often achieve results that exceed expectation.

Our diverse and flexible skill set means that we specialise in interpreting ‘fag-packet’ concepts and turning them into spectacular reality.


The Scenic Labs has expertise in creating bespoke drape solutions for live events around the world. We are renowned for producing high quality custom-made drapes that create the complete live experience for both the audience and performing artists.

We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the end result.

Floors & Backdrops

The Scenic Labs’ talented team of creatives has the capability to produce advanced scenic paintings for any backdrop or stage floor. We use a wide variety of painting techniques to make the artistic vision of a show come to life.

Every project that comes through our doors is different, utilising the diverse skills and experience of our scenic artists.

Inflatable Structures

The Scenic Labs can turn any 3D shape into reality, creating intricate shapes, models and sculptures of unbelievable accuracy yet stunning quality. Whatever the artistic and technical challenge, our fantastically talented and passionate team will show you the way.