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We have a team of richly talented individuals who have the expertise needed to make the seemingly impossible come to life.


Today, we’re represented by over 100 skilled designers, engineers, technicians, integrators, creatives and managers, each recruited for their passionate work ethic. We develop this through an open, inclusive culture and through unlocking potential by intelligent investment.

The rich individual talent is divided across four phases of project delivery. This ranges from project conception and management, across technical design development, through production and into integration. In each step, process augments, but doesn’t over-ride, individual competence, commitment and creativity to generate the best possible result.

Project Conception & Management

This is an absolute critical phase of the project. The aim is to understand the entirety of a client’s creative vision and to marry this with the practical constraints that we’ve learned will line the way to execution. By inputting early and organising key principals, we will minimise compromise and maximise the outputted end result.

Dedicated project managers then forecast and monitor the project vital signs from inception to commissioning, communicating and managing client needs along the way.

Technical Design Development

We operate and develop two distinct design teams, one responsible for project Technical Development, and the other continuously working on the design and development of our in-house assets and system capabilities. By working independently, but regularly challenging each other, we aim to create system-enabled creativity, allowing us to develop projects which accord as closely as possible to the outset vision.

Through the process of design development, our team will continually monitor engineering factors, regulatory approvals, and the implications of design on logistics, assembly and maintenance on the road.


A key driver for the delivery of repeated highly customised end solutions is agile and highly reactive manufacturing capability. Over the past years we have invested heavily in an environment which now features many high output automated machines and seamless CAD/CAM communications in the main workstreams. This is backed up by a team of skilled and flexible technicians who keep the place running twenty four hours a day.

The area where art meets the science. The combination of hundreds of components into complex sub-assemblies requires a strong attention to detail as well as years of practice in fabrication methodology and process. Our team carries a combined experience of over 300 years in the field, which is manifested daily in a problem solving environment of ownership and achievement.


Integration of all our work is a vital part to any project delivery.
Brilliant Stage's experienced integration team like to see the detail of a job through the eyes of the client, ensuring that the project brief has been met.

We have a dedicated integration studio which we use as a pre-build, snag and test space. We make sure that all projects conform to needs and regulations within the required timeframe.

We also pride ourselves on our attention to detail by labelling and packaging all items correctly before they leave the door.

Motion & Electronics

Intricate kinetic movements and wider coordinated motion of multiple elements, have been technical phenomena that we have seen enhance concert spectaculars increasing over the passing decades.

Brilliant has been part of this journey since the early days, and more laterally has recognised the motion technologies as a specific field with the implementation of dedicated development teams in both mechanical and automation control disciplines.

Working with world leading suppliers and regulatory consultation, Brilliant has developed a range of cutting edge products for the provision of live motion, and these can be seen in our products section. In combination with our extensive in house design, commissioning and show support skills, we can confidently approach projects for the most ambitious automating systems in the world and bring them to spectacular (and safe) reality.

Show Support

The increasingly complex technical landscape of live shows necessitates that the ‘builder’ is able to coordinate, and often integrate, the needs of many other departments. To facilitate this workflow, Brilliant has assembled a strong and reliable show support infrastructure, from a single technician to a complete touring department dependent on the needs of the production or installation.