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Spice World Tour

Brilliant Stages was brought in as stage technology and set construction specialists by the Spice Girls creative team to help them realise their ambitious vision for the highly anticipated reunion show.Working closely with Production Manager - Tony Gittins, Creative Director – Lee Lodge and Set Designer – Jason Sherwood, Brilliant carefully studied the stage designs and broke them down into various elements in order to fully understand the complexity of the project.


Led by David Harrison, Technical Lead and Toby-Van-Hay, Project Director, Brilliant produced the 13.5m-diameter Globe (including the 16m diameter base), the 20m-diameter x 3m high  ‘Spice World’ LED Video Ring, the 41m-diameter Passerelle that extended 34m into the audience, the 30m wide, 11m deep Downstage Crescent (incorporating six of our type A electric Serapid lifts, two mining carts and an egress bridge with steps) and 408 sq metres of scenically treated plywood deck cover.


Each element had a variety of challenges, from size, weight and complexity to overall aesthetic look of the set. Specifically with the 20m diameter LED ring and Globe, Brilliant had to make sure it could be broken down into segments to fit into trucks and shipping containers. There also had to be extensive planning and consistent communication with Star Events and Head Rigger James Heath to ensure that the roof could support the weight during assembly and the show.


13 UK stadium dates visiting Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Sunderland, Manchester, Coventry, Bristol and London
Experienced by 700 000 people in a 3-week period
Box office: $80 000 000


“Most of our interaction with Brilliant was done by email. It was a way into the project before I visited them to check on aspects of the build, such as the floor treatment of the stage and the Globe’s metallic finish, and I was delighted.”
Jason Sherwood, Set Designer

What we did
  • 13.5m-diameter Globe
  • 20m-diameter ‘Spice World’ LED Video Ring
  • 41m-diameter Passerelle
  • 30m wide Downstage Crescent
  • 408 sq metres of scenically treated plywood deck cover