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Brilliant Stages was approached by Stufish and 45 DEGREES to produce a stage set for Helene Fischer Live 2017/2018. The goal was to bring a world-class creative show to the audience.

In Germany, Fischer is a very popular name and is seen to be at the very top in the world of German Pop. She is known for her extravagant spectacles when it comes to touring stage shows.

The designers approached us with a stage set design which was extremely ambitious and very much out of the ordinary. They wanted several pieces of elevation and a novel way of the artist traveling to the B-stage. Stufish took these ideas to 45 DEGREES who in turn chose the ones they favoured. This led to the various looks which were created and ultimately led to the stage set that we produced.


The catwalk was enormous and ran with the show designers’ concept of ‘time’. The singer performed on it as it rotated out into the audience and transported Helene from The Main Stage to The B-stage.

In total, the structure was 17m long and weighed nearly 7 tons. The catwalk was on a 4m octagonal base which acted as the centre point for rotation. Before the structure started its rotational cycle, it had to be lifted 3m above the audience. We had to ensure the shorter end of the clock arm could counter weigh the heavy, longer end. This resulted in having 1,000kg of steel ballast.

It took the catwalk 3 minutes in total to complete a whole 360° rotational cycle. We made sure that as Helene was performing the catwalk could not move too quickly. We also put in place several measures to prevent the structure from suddenly stopping to prevent potentially knocking Helene off. These included a battery controlled backup system to keep the system rotating even if the venue’s power went out. This would allow the catwalk to decelerate to a stop.


The designers also required an 8m tall by 4.5m wide ‘performers wall’, a tall rolling structure made up of 9 cells in which dancers performed and did acrobatic tricks. The whole structure was produced in Brilliant’s workshops from welded aluminium. It was an ambitious piece of stage scenery.


The organisers also required Brilliant to produce a trackable video screen that moved up stage. We made it so that it had the ability to open 5m to allow both the ‘performer wall’ and a giant sphere prop to be seen, therefore meeting the designer’s requirements and improving the overall customer experience. The fascia of the screen was a custom piece of gear that had to be adaptable for lower and smaller arenas.


“Throughout the design process, even before we sent it out to tender, Brilliant Stages was always in the back of my mind as I knew what they were capable of mechanically. One of the main reasons we were keen to bring Brilliant Stages into the project was because we knew they would be able to build a custom stage rather than work with a stock product.”

Ric Lipson – Stufish Entertainment Architects

What we did
  • The 17m long Clock Arm
  • 4 Automated Show Lifts
  • The 8m tall, 4.5m wide Performers Wall
  • The Trackable Video Screen
  • The B-Stage