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A Head Full Of Dreams

Brilliant Stages provided Coldplay with the top deck of the stage for their 2016 A Head Full Of Dreams World Tour.

We’ve worked with Coldplay for several years and were delighted to be invited back on board.


The system we took out on the European run was one of three that we provided for this world tour. It consisted of an upper deck on the main stage that was designed to replicate the flower shape of the logo from their album artwork. We also provided the top deck for the runways to the B stage and the C stage out in the audience. Furthermore, Brilliant constructed the framing for the stage left and right video screens to again replicate the latest album logo.

Matt Kaye, Project Manager from Brilliant: “All the elements were treated with a non-slip finish which was essential, as the band are very active on stage. The whole stage, runway and video floor on the B stage, was sprung and mounted on rubber blocks to absorb the shock when Chris runs around the stage.”

The stage surface was also absorbed into the set aesthetic with a painted design created by Misty Buckley. As the stage was open to the elements it could be exposed to high temperatures one day and heavy rain the next. “Brilliant Stages supplied a team of artists headed up by Hannah Whitfield to make sure the paint was always looking at its best.” said Kaye.

Brilliant Stages stalwart, Tony Bowern explained how we overcame the potential problems associated with adverse weather conditions: “When we got the sample video (staging) tiles, they were too slippery. We’ve ended up with a compromise whereby, if it gets wet, creating a danger of Chris slipping, we’ve provided a printed non-slip carpet for the B-stage, which they can drop into place on top of the video tiles.”


Start date: 31 March 2016
End date: 15 November 2017
No. of shows:
15 in Latin America
45 in Europe
45 in North America
11 in Asia
6 in Oceania
122 in total
Attendance: 5.39 million
Box office: $523 million

What we did
  • Three separate staging systems, each including; non-slip upper deck for the main stage and two runways
  • Scenic painted finish of Coldplay album artwork
  • Frame structure for stage left and stage right video screens