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League of Legends World Championship 2019

On Sunday 10th November, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship took place at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, with a spectacular opening ceremony constructed in part by Brilliant Stages.


Brilliant was given a tight 3-week turnaround to produce several staging elements for one of the most watched esports competitions – the League of Legends World Championship, viewed by millions of fans from around the globe.

Brilliant provided the Main Stage, 2 Satellite Stages, a 96m (circumference) Flown Screen, a series of Broadcast Platforms, 2 Pony Walls, Trophy Podiums, 6 Type A Lifts, a VOM Entrance Tunnel and a Qiyana ‘Performance’ Ring.

The main stage measured 20m wide by 13m deep and incorporated four sets of custom-made staircases, each of which had a series of impressive holograms projected onto them. The stage was complemented by two satellite stages, both made up of the Brilliant frame-and-beam system which were then populated with videos produced by our good friends at Creative Technologies.

The flown screen became the greatest element of the show. The piece was flown over the mainstage, becoming the main focus of the opening and closing ceremonies whilst simultaneously offering a 360˚ of crystal-clear gameplay throughout the battle. The screen measured circa of 96 meters in circumference, made up of 24x 12.5m x 2.5m custom fabricated brace frames. These were connected and flown in a stretched octagon formation which were cladded in house with blackout and projection fabrics.

We built two pony walls which were on rolling skates to support a video panel assembly which also incorporated a lightbox effect to face the gamers. The six type A lifts were integrated into the mainstage and used to smoothly transition the pony walls and the gamers sledges on and off stage.

Brilliant’s Scenic Labs provided some scenically treated trophy podiums which were used in the opening and closing ceremonies to spectacularly reveal the winner’s trophy.

The VOM entrance tunnel was used during the opening shots of the ceremony; it was built out of a truss structure and supported by ‘false perspective’ tunnels and cladded with a bespoke entrance frame. To finish, we used a black fabric attached to all sides and a black carpet flooring to achieve the designers desired outcome.

Finally, after receiving a request to produce a Qiyana ring as an addition to the opening ceremony experience, we designed and fabricated a life-size replica of a ‘Q-ring’ to reveal the new kit feature to be added into the League of Legends game. The impressive showcase measures at 1.52m wide and features three thermo moulded LED edges controlled via battery DMX, three CNC cut scenic 3D facias with integrated LED crystals and the all-important padded seat.

For each staging element, our attention to detail was exemplary. We made sure that the finish to each segment was of the highest quality to fit in with the theme of the show.

The League of Legends World Championship included 24 professional teams representing 13 regions from around the world. The competition began on October 2, 2019 with matches being held in Berlin, Madrid, and concluded with the finals on November 10, 2019 in Paris.