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North American International Auto Show

Brilliant Stages was approached by George P Johnson to create a truly custom project for the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles stand at the North American International Autoshow.


The project led Brilliant on a record breaking adventure, with over 1100 DMX universes, 2.5km of custom aluminium extrusion, 5km of custom LED tape, all used to create 18 overhead rings of varying diameters, the largest coming in at just under 30 metres. This system allowed the full individual control of 300,000 pixels diffused through a polycarbonate lens, allowing the lighting design team unparalleled levels of control.

Each ring was made up from 2.68m airfreight ready pieces of varying quantity dependent upon the size of the ring (16 pieces for the smallest, 35 pieces for the largest). A quick and easy assembly method had to be implemented in order to keep the build time low, whilst still maintaining structural integrity.

Brilliant Stages was given a tight timescale of 8 weeks for the manufacturing process in order to meet the build schedule for the show in America. In this 8 week period, over 25 tonnes of the custom aluminium extrusion was rolled, welded, cut, wired, test built and packed away ready for shipping.