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Time To Get Out Campaign

Brilliant Stages was approached by outdoor clothing giants Pentland Brands in August 2018 to produce an installation for Berghaus, one of their outdoor clothing brands. The multi-million pound campaign, “Time to Get Out”, was launched to align with the theme of London Design Biennale, ‘Emotional States’.


The idea behind the installation was to encourage consumers to escape from the stresses and chaos of modern life and to resolve emotions by sharing time together on the beautiful, tranquil canvas of the outdoors – positioning Berghaus as the brand that can take them on the journey.

Visitors were taken on a journey from an enclosed noisy space in the middle of a big city to a light-filled expanse representative of the outdoors. They first entered a tunnel of corrugated metal, that reflected the everyday pressures of modern urban life and invoked a claustrophobic feeling. An oppressive misophonia of sound added to the growing sense of stressfulness as visitors became increasingly disconnected from the outside world. Eventually, however, they emerged into a translucent, full-height space, where a painting representing the different seasons was projected onto a vast canvas. In the heart of Somerset House, the outdoors was brought to life, giving visitors an opportunity to reflect on how they spend their valuable time.

Brilliant had to work to a tight 4-week deadline to transform the ideas of Pentland Brands creative director, Katie Greenyer, into reality. We were tasked with providing the urban tunnel and the trussing system for the entire project. Brilliant Stages was also assigned as lead contractors and event managers of this installation and 15 others at London Design Biennale. We took on the challenge of simultaneously managing the build of 16 various projects throughout the 7 day install at Somerset House to deliver the month-long exhibition.

The final spectacle of the project was greatly received by both client and the general public who appeared in their thousands. Subsequently, “Time To Get Out” was taken on tour in late 2018 to the Lake District, London and Bristol. Brilliant successfully overcame challenges such as differing venue and space restraints to transform the project from an exhibition piece to a touring installation. The campaign will now reappear in 2019 when it is installed at Dublin’s MART Gallery.