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Starburst - P&O Cruises

Taking up residency on P&O Cruises’ ship Britannia - the biggest cruise ship ever built specifically for the UK market, the Starburst sculpture built by Brilliant Stages and designed by Jona Hoad Design, has taken almost three years to complete.

The Starburst is now the main focal point of the atrium on the Britannia, and it descends eight metres from the ceiling, taking its inspiration from the stars that sailors used to help navigate the seas in times gone by. The sculpture is comprised of 320 individual LEDs, which provide different coloured lighting according to what is required. As well as the LEDs, the chandelier is also made up of 280 aluminium shards, from which light generated by the LEDs is reflected. They also reflect natural light and projected lighting which creates the overwhelming sense of grandeur.

Jona Hoad Design approached Brilliant to design and manufacture the structural element of the Starburst chandelier. A design and production methodology was then discussed over several meetings to which a basic design was then produced. After a visit to Fiancanterri shipyard in Italy where the Britannia was being built, to meet with the ship designers to go through all aspects of the project, the design rational was approved and production drawings then issued. This was comprised of a 200mm aluminium l beam section ring beam that carried a skeletal structure of 50mmx50mm box section that broke down into ten separate sections for transport and access to the ship’s atrium. The triangular facets that were produced to carry the LED shards and clad the frame, were manufactured with a 25mm return to add strength and rigidity to carry the LED shards as well as to cope with the vibration that runs through the ship’s super-structure and as a means to attach to the framework with no visible fixings.

A trial build was then carried out in the Brilliant Stages workshop before all the facets were sent out for the coloured finish to be applied. Upon return the chandelier was crated for despatch to Italy. The install was carried out prior to sea trials with Brilliant sending out a team to work alongside Jona Hoad who made all the electrical connections.