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Adobe Summit 2018

Photo Credit: Taylor Bennett Partners and Hawthorn

In May 2018, Brilliant Stages was approached by Hawthorn to create a tessellated hemisphere for the Adobe ‘Summit’ event which was held in the Excel Arena, London.


The structure, which started as a drawing, was made up of 25 pentagon/hexagon modules and was an impressive 7 metres in diameter. Having been made from class 0 fire retardant glass fibre, the structure weighed less than 600kg and was suspended at the event by a connected steel H frame and rigging cables.

The sphere was installed by 4 people in a 6-hour period. Installation started by bolting the top layer of modules together, hoists were then used to lift and connect the lower panels. Once the lowest keystone piece was in place, the crew was faced the with the challenge of getting out of the sphere - a cherry picker was required!