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A Bullet From A Shooting Star

British sculptor Alex Chinneck, famous for transforming ordinary familiar objects into extraordinary works of art, was commissioned by property developers, Knight Dragon, to design a huge scale sculpture to be displayed at Greenwich Peninsula for London Design Week 2015.

‘Bullet from a Shooting Star’ is a full size, 33 metre pylon that pierces the ground as though it has been thrown like a spear through the sky. As specialists in challenging and large-scale art projects, Brilliant Stages was called in to fabricate this ground-breaking sculpture, working alongside structural engineers Smith and Wallwork.

One of the biggest challenges Brilliant faced came from the sheer weight and size of the Pylon. Alex insisted the structure be made from galvanised steel as he wanted it to be completely authentic; this resulted in the structure weighing in at 15 tonnes, and totalling 1186 metres of steel. The pylon is connected to the ground at it’s point and four other anchor positions with tensioning cables which were pre-stressed to 10 tonnes each to ensure rigidity under high wind load. The point of the pylon and the anchored tensioning cables are connected to vertical foundations that run 20 metres deep into the ground.

Alex describes ‘Bullet from a Shooting Star’ as his ‘biggest challenge to date’ and we are honoured that we were able to help him make it a reality.