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Now, More Than Ever, We’re Proud To Be Part of This Incredible Industry

27 January 2021

2020 was not the year we expected, nor the year we wanted.

We want to acknowledge everyone’s sheer determination, creativity and achievements - from the artists reinventing shows, to the voices championing our industry, to the production teams and crews creating new, dynamic and safe working environments.

We’d also like to thank our partners, clients, customers, team, and extended production family who entrust us every day to collaborate and deliver incredible experiences...

Brilliant Stages MD Ben Brooks says,

“Live performance provides such a special event that brings us all together. There’s a common understanding and love for a live show. There’s that moment when the lights drop, the crowd roars, the artist arrives … and we know how much hard work, team work and craftsmanship has gone into getting to that incredible moment… you don’t get better than that – and it will be back!”

As part of the TAIT family, we look forward to 2021 and a new start with you all in pursuit of excellence, creativity, innovation and health and happiness!