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Over the years we have developed a global reputation for creating sets that realise the most ambitious artistic aims. A key tenet for us is to develop technology which maximises, and never compromises, the creative vision.

We have nearly 40 years of delivering creative solutions, and are driven by being challenged by artists, designers and production teams from around the globe, each a driven advocate of their latest concept. 

We constantly challenge our operating approach to try to harness the perfect combination of experience and expertise.

Time line

Brilliant Stages is formed and begins manufacturing stages for the live events industry.

Brilliant Stages land job for Frankie Goes To Hollywood Tour.

Brilliant Stages create the world’s first ‘in the round’ show for Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria World Tour’.

1991 – Brilliant Stages produce stage set for world famous rockers AC/DC - ‘The Razors Edge’ Tour.

Brilliant Stages create falling ‘pylons’ for Metallica’s ‘Escape From The Studio’ Tour.

Brilliant Stages provide ‘Bridges to Babylon’ iconic bridge and stage set to The Rolling Stones.

Brilliant Stages work on the prestigious Millennium Dome central show.

2002 – Brilliant Stages produce set for West End musical ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Dominion Theatre (4600 performances).

Brilliant Stages created the stage for Robbie Williams ‘Close Encounters’ Tour. One of the first tours to rehearse in Production Park, Studio 001.

2007 – Brilliant Stages approached to build stage for Genesis on their ‘Turn It on Again’ Tour.

Brilliant Stages work on U2’s ground-breaking 360 Tour.

Brilliant Stages build 20m high automated walking man ‘OM’ for Take That.

Brilliant Stages produce 120m main stage for Tomorrowland and construct stages for all three Glastonbury headliners on the Pyramid Stage.

2018 – Brilliant Stages create several pieces of staging wizardry for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘OTR II’ Tour.

Brilliant Stages supply complex stage sets to comeback artists Take That and The Spice Girls.

What People Say

“Most of our interaction with Brilliant was done by email. It was a way into the project before I visited them to check on aspects of the build, such as the floor treatment of the stage and the Globe’s metallic finish, and I was delighted.”

Jason Sherwood, Set Designer, Spice Girls - Spice World 2019

“From the first design meeting up to rehearsals at LH2, it took Brilliant 20 weeks to fabricate, assemble and deliver the final working product. The first time we all saw it fully loaded was a stunning moment. Brilliant worked tirelessly to make this all happen, bringing a new meaning to the word ‘dedication’.”

Wez Wearing, Production Manager, Take That - Greatest Hits Live Tour 2019

“Our collaboration with Brilliant was fantastic as it meant we got a lot of the set built way before rehearsals began. Elements like those really help the whole process.”

Wob Roberts, Production Manager, Sam Smith - The Thrill Of It All Tour 2018

“I am so grateful to Brilliant Stages for their extraordinary commitment to this project, I really don't know any other company on the planet who could have pulled this off.”

Es Devlin, Set Designer, Take That - Progress Live Tour

“As a production manager, it was a pleasure to work with Brilliant on this project, they took Oli's idea, and built us a very large, but smart set for a festival setup”

Steve Iredale, Production Manager, Muse - The Resistance Tour

“We all feel that Brilliant Stages really did do a brilliant job on the pylon. It is very user friendly and extremely efficient in the way it goes together, both for fit up and breakdown. We are very happy with the outcome.”

Jake Berry, Tour Director, U2 - 360º Tour

“Brilliant Stages produced some excellent engineering during the construction and have provided great tour support. The Brilliant team were always there when we needed them.”

Nicolai Sabottka, Production Manager, Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da Tour